Sourabh Gupta

Designer Sourabh Gupta with his cloud light that he designed for DIFFA 2019 at the Architectural
Digest Show for 2019. Find more about it in the paper section below.



لامپ ها متفاوت هستند اما نور یکسان است

The lamps are different but the light is the same

I am Sourabh Gupta – an Indian born, New York-based multidisciplinary designer and a maker. I work at the intersection of art, design, and architecture.

While my inspirations to question, explore, and innovate are surely broad, at the center of it all is but one desire—to create. A particular style or identity does not interest me, rather I’m fascinated by the exploration, iteration and different ways at looking at the same question.

Collaborating with other passionate designers, artists, architects and makers is something I am interested in pursuing.