Aug 5, 2019

Lake George Mirror, Bolton Historical Museum, Adirondacks.

The native paper flower sculptures of Lake George, Adirondacks by Sourabh Gupta will be a part of an ongoing show at The Bolton Historical Museum. The Museum is presenting a great exhibition for 2019 – Landscapes Lost & Found:  Two Centuries of Art from Bolton Landing. 

For more than two centuries, the landscapes of Bolton Landing have exercised a powerful influence upon the work of some of the nation’s foremost artists. The artists represented in Landscapes Lost and Found: Two Centuries of Art from Bolton Landing will include painters of some of the earliest American landscapes, members of the Hudson River School and the American Pre-Raphaelite movement, twentieth century modernists Weber Furlong, John Graham and Dorothy Dehner and at least one indisputable mid-century master, sculptor David Smith.  

In fact, Landscapes Lost and Found will be the first public exhibition of work by David Smith in Bolton Landing in more than fifty years. Prominent 21st century artists will complete the show.

I am very grateful to the Museum to make me a part of this show. 

Following is the introductory cover from Lake George Mirror, a native newspaper. More on the flowers will be following soon.